Lancaster County wins my heart

I enjoy living in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The fields of wheat and corn. The miniature horse farms and quilt stores. The farmers and plows. The cows and sheep and ducks and geese.  Clotheslines full of clean laundry.  The windmills and silos.  The fences and the grape arbors. The rolling hills and covered bridges.

photo by Judy Daudt

photo by Judy Daudt

But  I’m also confused.  And intrigued.  And humored.  And annoyed.  It’s about the road “system” and the road names.

Lititz Pike and Oregon Pike are parallel, but eventually merge. Route 772 will take you to route 272 and then merge with route 722. Oregon Road comes to a T at Oregon Pike. When you come to visit us, make sure you go to Brentwood Drive, not Brentwood Road. And don’t get mixed up between Lititz Pike, Lititz Road and Lititz Ave. Hunsicker Road is spelled Hunsecker Road at the other end. Snake Hill Road becomes Hartman Station Road which becomes Mt. Sidney Road. Jake Landis Road abruptly disappears, and then re-appears somewhere off in the distance.  Grrrr.

But today at the corner of  Kissel Hill and Oregon Roads, Phil and I walked through acres of glorious brilliant flowers planted along the roadside.  Acres!  With a little sign that invited us to enjoy! So we did.



Okay, Lancaster County.  You win!  I do love this place.



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