“you do know your flight is cancelled….”

I thought he was kidding- but I was wrong.

After thirteen wonderful, exciting, exhausting, fascinating days, I was going home. Tanzania had been glorious!

2015-05-09 18.14.21


Despite snarly traffic, I was on time for my flight and as the taxi left, I walked up to the check-in counter and handed the nice man my passport and boarding pass.

“You do know your flight is cancelled, don’t you?”  said the nice man.

“Actually, I had no idea it was cancelled or I wouldn’t be at your airport!” I thought. Then I remembered, “don’t shoot the messenger.” It’s not his fault. I sighed. Traffic was too crazy to try to go back to the guest house, but at least it was only four hours ’til the next flight. I checked in for the six o’clock departure and he put my suitcase on the conveyor belt and handed me my updated boarding pass. I headed for the little coffee shop upstairs.

I became a fan of this coffee shop when I discovered you can order your Coke Zero and sit at a small table for an hour or two without being kicked out. I sipped my Coke and found my journal and new pencils. It was kind of nice. No meetings. No traffic. No conversations. No rushing. Time to think.

Just before I left the guest house that morning, my friend told me she’s been thinking about three little phrases that Paul wrote in one of his letters. I found them in my Bible and knew they were for me.  Right then. Right there at the airport in Dar Es Salaam.

2015-05-19 13.45.52

It was a lovely four hours after all.  Thank you, Jesus.

8 thoughts on ““you do know your flight is cancelled….”

  1. Thank you, Harry. It’s nice when we actually realize there’s a silver lining in that cloud.

  2. Such a beautiful way to absorb God’s Word and turn it into artwork as well! So pretty Jan! Tracy Deakyne

  3. So true and such a great reminder. We live as broken vessels in a hurting, unpredictable world. Yet, by faith, we find joy and rejoice in all circumstances. Thanks for the reminder, sis.

  4. Hi Jan, I love this! I do something similar in my prayer journal – illustrating verses and applying them to my life at that moment. It makes life so much sweeter. : )

  5. it does continue to amaze, when I follow His lead and not allow circumstances to rule, He is faithful and blesses. He blessed you and us as well. Trust and Obey.

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