Once upon a time, our family lived on one continent. All of us. Well, of course, because isn’t that normal?  That was all I knew. And then we took our first transatlantic flight to the African continent in 1992. For several years, our family lived all together on one side of the world or the other as we went back and forth between the States and Kenya.

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In 1998 our family began living on both sides of the world.  Luke was in college in the USA and the rest of us returned to Kenya.  AFRICA 7  USA 1. After that, it was a rare occasion to all be together. And when we were, I loved it!  It could get a little crazy…


One by one the kids returned to the States for college, but they each came back to Africa to visit Congo or South Africa or South Sudan and “as long as we’re on the same continent”, they’d pop in to see us in Kenya.

In 2012, Phil and I returned to Africa with zero children. It just felt weird that all of them were living in America. The score:  USA 8  AFRICA 2. But at the end of May, Daniel arrived for a summer internship in Kenya, and then Emily arrived in mid August on her way to visit a team. For a week, the score was: USA 6  AFRICA 4.

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Daniel returned to the US in August, and last night, Emily flew out of Nairobi heading back to the States. Yes, those were tearful goodbyes, but I woke up this morning with a heart full of happy memories. I flipped the score back to: USA 8 AFRICA 2. At one time I would never have imagined it could be true, but I am content with our family living on two sides of the world, AND, I treasure any time we connect with any of our children anywhere in the world!  It’s a gift.








Thank you, Jesus.





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