Jane can see!!

In the middle of a crowded waiting room at Lions Eye Hospital, the nurse gently removed the bandage covering my friend’s right eye. Jane bowed her head… cautiously opened her eyes and whispered, “I can see. I can see!”

“I can see your shirt is blue. And that paper is yellow. And that’s pink. And I can see out the window!  And I can read the words on that magazine. They say “How to handle life after divorce.”  Jane, her daughter Njeri, and I held each other and in hushed tones, we laughed and we cried.

Njeri and Jane

Njeri and Jane










Six months earlier, rapidly developing cataracts had blocked the sight in both of her eyes and Jane was blind.  In February, with high hopes, she had cataract surgery on her left eye, but when the bandages were removed, her eyesight was unchanged.  A dense, milky film clouded her vision and she went home, heartbroken and still blind in both eyes.

Day after day she sat in her little house on a hillside with the magnificent view of the Rift Valley before her sightless eyes.  Day by day she waited and prayed and trusted God. She believed He could heal her, but she said even if he did not, “I will still be happy with God.”

A few weeks later she visited another doctor and though he did not offer hope, he recommended a different hospital far away. Then Jane heard about Lions Eye Hospital which was closer to her home. On the first visit, Dr. Kahn confirmed the left eye was beyond hope but said he was confident he could fix her right eye. Could it be true?

She waited nearly two months for the date of her surgery. May 24, 2014

Yesterday, Jane was guided through double doors into the operating room suite and an hour later she was escorted back into the lobby, her right eye covered with a white bandage. The surgery was done under a local anesthetic and took less than 20 minutes. Then she had to wait one more day. Previous surgery was not successful, and there was no promise it would work this time. When you’ve been crushed by disappointment, hope is tempered by fear. But, oh how we prayed.

This morning in a crowded waiting room, I shared in a holy moment. The Scriptures record thrilling stories of Jesus healing blind eyes, and today I had the thrill of seeing Jane’s sight restored… right before my own eyes.

Thank you, Jesus.  Oh thank you.

2 thoughts on “Jane can see!!

  1. What a wonderful healing for a woman who was completely trusting that God’s will was best – “I will still be happy with God.”

  2. Is this your Jane? To us, it seems like this is how we remember her. We are thrilled to read about the successful surgery!

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