Frozen 101

I think I am one of the ten people who have not watched the movie, Frozen.



Last night, my eight year old friend came over for dinner and we listened to the soundtrack while we ate our pizza.  I was not getting the plot and asked Sarah to tell me the story. She told me about Elsa and her younger sister Anna, and Elsa’s magic powers and then she came to the part when their parents died at sea.


Me: Who took care of the girls after their parents died?

Sarah:  Nobody! They were teenagers.

Me:  Don’t teenagers still need somebody to take care of them?

Sarah:  Aunt Jan… this is Disney

Oh. Right. Got it.

2 thoughts on “Frozen 101

  1. I’m another one of the 10! Story doesn’t make sense to me, but guess I will have to break down and watch cause part 2 is coming out soon – Frozen Fever!

    Love your blogs and writings!
    Thank you!

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