The difference between Phil and Jan

The difference between me and my wife….
by Phil Morrison
So this morning I got back from my hour Saturday morning run. (6.7 miles in 8.50 pace). I was feeling good and just standing still and enjoying the tranquility flood over me for a moment.
Jan looked at me and said, “Are you ok?” I said, “yes, I am just enjoying the feeling of peace–you know, the runner’s high.”
2014-04-01 14.26.54
She said, “Yes, I get that feeling when I alphabetize my spices.”
2014-04-01 14.26.04 - Copy


One thought on “The difference between Phil and Jan

  1. LOVE this!!! So so true to you both 🙂 Makes me laugh but miss you all the more! Keep up the good work

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