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I began journaling when I discovered that journals don’t have the date at the top of all 365 pages like the diaries of my childhood. On January 1st I was committed and faithfully wrote each day. As the weeks passed, my interest faded and there were days and weeks and months of blank pages. Every year.

But a journal was a lovely inviting blank book to write in whenever the mood struck. No more accusing blank pages.


Over the years I wrote in dozens and dozens of journals. I wasn’t the “today I went to the park and the baby took her first steps and I made spaghetti for dinner” type of journal-er.  I was the “Oh, God, why can’t I be more patient and why am I so introspective and I don’t understand how I am supposed to love that person and I’m sorry we’re back to discussing my eating habits again…” type of journal-er.

Then, about 15 years ago my friend Kristin said something about her happy thoughts journal. A what? A place to capture all of those sweet things that actually were buried somewhere in the pages of my journals. It was the perfect idea!  I bought a small blank book, placed it on my bedside table and began writing. I continued the pouring-my-heart-out journals, but I’ve written my way through many little happy thoughts journals……

…white sheets on the clothesline… bribing Brennan with a cookie to say “Aunt Jan”… Luke and Peter going to an Eagles game… reading Girl meets God under the tree… a package from Beth Cook… my mom on facebook!!!… the bright moon… subbing in 5th grade… Noah under the lamplight reading a fat book on Africa… colobus monkeys… Phil hiding chocolates around the house for me to find… making five jars of strawberry jam… seeing Onna on my walk… Em getting the internship at IJM… the Passacaglia duet… Katie and Mark Anthony calling to say Happy New Year… Peter and Melissa salsa dancing… finding a gorgeous silk dress at the market… Daniel helping Nassir Hussein pedal his bike…

As I read those words written down 5 years ago, it all comes back and fills my heart with joy and delight.

Thank you Kristin.  Thank you Jesus.

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  1. Love this, Jan. So many of my journals are full of the mundane and irritating stuff of life. After reading Ann Voskamp’s book, 1,000 Gifts, I was determined to only write about important and happy things. I’m still trying! Thanks for this and the reminder that only in recording joyful, delightful happenings will a re-reading of old journals bring happy memories.

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