Scientific Ice Cream Research Update

Last September I began a scientific research project involving ice cream. All of our children had flown the nest and we had flown to Kenya without them. My new life needed a project with a pinch of comic relief.

My goal was to determine my favorite flavor in the ice cream case at the Osteria Restaurant, which was practically next door. Ten times I duly stopped in and ordered the next flavor in the case. I focused, savored, enjoyed and rated each flavor with a one to ten for intensity and deliciousness.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd the winner wasn’t something exotic like inglese zuppa, but flavors from my childhood! The result was a tie. Based on precise research, I think the most excellent, tasty, sweet and tart scoop of ice cream is chocolate and strawberry. Together.

If you stop by Osteria, you can tell them I sent you.

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