God, Me and A.D.D.

At 11:30 I closed the front door, stepped out into the sunshine and began walking to Smart Village, a local restaurant where I would meet my friend Karen for an Ethiopian lunch.  After a hectic morning at the office, I was alone with my racing thoughts and began talking to God. Sort of.

Smart Village - Copy (2)

“Dear Jesus, please help Ruth in the meeting going on right now.  These are major decisions, and she is committed to radical obedience. What a challenge to me. Please give her the courage she needs…”

kids at school 026

Wow, these jacaranda trees are fabulous.  Even Nairobi looks good today.  Oh, man, I’d better pick up some phone credit on my way home.  Hmm, did I remember to pay the electric bill?  Well, at least I remembered to get the ground meat out of the freezer for dinner.   Maybe I’ll pick up an avocado on the way home…

ganze und halbe avocado isoliert auf weiss

“… Ummm … sorry, God.  Where was I?  Oh and thank you that Katie got to Daniel’s concert the other night. That just makes me so happy when our kids connect! And speaking of Katie, please help her today with the lively kids in her classroom…”

KT and Daniel

… (Happy sigh.) Her clip from his concert was so fun!  I think Daniel is looking Abraham Lincoln-ish!  Now, let me think. When the Beirns come from the States next week, I can make coconut chicken on the first evening.  And when I get my hair cut tomorrow, I’ll check and see if they have mosquito nets at the mall.  I can’t think where I put the extra pillows, but maybe I can wash the quilt tomorrow.  Hmm. I wonder what we should do with those Turkish liras we brought home from our trip. 

“…So… God, it’s still me…  Please help Ange and Eddy as they head back to Brazil. I pray that they will have a wonderful, joyful reunion with their family and find rest and comfort and refreshment in their home country…”

…as soon as I get home, I’ll  email Brian and set up an appointment for my monthly review.  Oh, I can’t forget to print the spread sheet I finally made. Yes!  And I can pick up a map of East Africa tomorrow, too.  I wonder if I should get that book on Psalms from Kindle. Hmmm.  Maybe not.  I really do prefer a real book…

“…Okay, I’m reeling my mind back in, Father.  I’ve been thinking about our neighbors and wonder if it would be a good idea for me to go over and talk to the aunt about her trip to Mecca a few weeks ago. The girls can translate for me. And I wonder how we can start more conversations about our faith…”


…Yikes!  I’d better remind Phil about that fund-raiser we’re invited to on the 10th.  I wonder how late we can arrive.  I don’t want to embarrass myself… I need to find out how many times I’ll be asked to go up front and put something in the basket.  I can’t even remember how these harambees work!   Hmmm.  If church is over at one maybe we can get there by 2:30…

“… Father, I’m grateful that this rambling and interrupted prayer is not annoying to you. You know I can’t walk in Nairobi without being distracted every 15 seconds.  I’m glad you’re okay with me being me.  And I’m so glad you’re not like me. You stay on track with everything.  All the time.  All around the world.”

Thank you, God.

5 thoughts on “God, Me and A.D.D.

  1. AMEN!!!! Yes! This is my every prayer, even the ones I try and write out. Thank you for sharing. I’m thankful for the Lord who is steady when we are not.
    PS our girls have started praying for 2 missionaries a night using the prayer cards we picked up at church. You’re in the rotation. 🙂 And those are some distracted prayers.

  2. A very true and humorous depiction of how prayer REALLY happens most of the time! Thanks for the reminder that God is always on track!

  3. So true! How hard it is some days to focus on just prayer…to be devoted to it! But PTL He still hears anyway and graciously answers. Maybe our wayward thoughts are part of the journey to pray without ceasing.

    I am very glad to hear your time in Turkey was so profitable!

    Love & prayers,

  4. when you figure out how to control the ADD during prayer time could you please pass that along! love you!

  5. I love this Jan! That is the way my prayers go some days too. I am glad the Lord is concerned about all the things that concern me, and I can bring it all to Him. I loved seeing the beautiful jacaranda tree. : ) Glad you are home safe from your trip to Turkey! Blessings, Carrie

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