Open hands

This morning, our office staff met for prayer.  As I have often done since childhood, I folded my hands and bowed my head.


Just as I was closing my eyes, I noticed something. The woman next to me rested her hands on her knees, palms up.  Open.  As if she was ready and waiting to receive something.

open hands


My hands were clenched, like I was holding on to something I refused to let go. What was I holding on to?  My plans?  My expectations? My agenda for the day?  My rights?

Could I, like her, open my hands before God, ready to receive whatever He has for me?

4 thoughts on “Open hands

  1. While my church has been without a pastor we have enjoyed a variety of different speakers. One pastor suggested the congregation stand with outstretched open hands to receive the blessing. I have continued that practice.
    At a meal with a family who works closely with cousins, the blessing for the food was pronounced with the pray-er making eye contact with each of us, his hands raised as he spoke. Definitely meaningful.
    So where are you living?

  2. Jan, can I be notified when you make a new entry to your blog?

    When in college at Wheaton, we had a missionary woman speak of holding God’s gifts with an open hand….that it hurts too much to have God pry open our fingers. If we see the people, positions and things in our lives as gifts of God, entrusted for a time to our lives, an attitude of “Open Hands” is wisest and best. Agreed!

  3. That’s so true Jan, holding onto things is what we seem to do best but God wants us to release things to him so that we are able to receive the blessings and good gifts that he has for us. I’ve had to do a lot of learning in that area especially with releasing and giving my brother into God’s hands so that he can work in his life without me interfering. God knows the how I just need to trust him and remember that God’s timing is best, not mine. Giving with open hands and placing people at the foot of the Cross is an ongoing thing God reminds me to do with my family and the situation. Still learning to leave in God’s hands and trust him for the outcomes.

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