Conversation at the Oregon Dairy grocery store.

Mom:  Oooh, look blueberries!  My favorite.  Whoa…  4.99 a pint?!  No way I am paying that.

Katie:  Mom.  You’re leaving the States in three weeks. And it’s buy one get one free.

Mom:  I am not going to pay that price for blueberries. That’s ridiculous.  I’ll wait.

Katie:  Mom.  You will not see a blueberry for four years.

Mom:  Oh well.  I am not paying that for blueberries.

Katie:  Fine.  I’m buying them for you.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s kind of fun when she gets bossy.  Thanks, Katie!


2 thoughts on ““Mom. BUY THE BLUEBERRIES.”

  1. Well, aren’t you happy the price has come down?? We’re in Lancaster area, except on brief safari to western PA now. Heard in an ABF at Calvary you’re speaking on Thursday. Sadly, won’t be back in time to hear you. Blessings!

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