Rescued by an albino squirrel

It was the day after Onna and Noah’s wedding and the beginning of “the goodbyes”. Our whole family had been together for a glorious weekend and now we were going our separate ways … for a long time.

Katie packed up her car to drive back to Milwaukee. Phil, Emily and I lingered with her in the driveway, chatting about the wedding. The weather. Plans for one more visit. As we walked to the car, Katie’s eyes filled with tears. I put my arms around her and whispered, “tell me what you’re thinking, sweetie.”  She was quiet for a moment as we embraced.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASuddenly, she jumped backwards and shouted, ” It’s an albino squirrel!”  I whirled around and sure enough, there he was!  We watched, dumbfounded, as he scampered around the lawn and up a tree.


We looked at each other wide-eyed and then burst out laughing.The heaviness of the moment lifted. We marveled and delighted in the timing and arrival of this little creature and dried our tears.  We all agreed that an albino squirrel had saved the day.

We’re all going to be okay.  Thank you, Jesus.


4 thoughts on “Rescued by an albino squirrel

  1. Thank you for sharing this precious moment and the photo of the albino squirrel too. You are always a blessing.

  2. “We’re all going to be okay.” I know you will because of God’s great love for you all. Keep looking up – and looking down for another albino squirrel!!! Much love and promise of continued prayers, Mare

  3. Thanks for sharing this, Jan. Made me cry, as you know I have a tough goodbye coming up in July, when Jamie gets married and leaves the nest. I guess you can pray for an albino squirrel for us too!!

    When I saw I got an update in my mail box from the Morrisons, my first thought was , you better have included a photo from the wedding!!! Yay! You did! And it is a wonderful photo, it’s a keeper. I hope the day was everything you wanted it to be.

    I’ll be praying for you.

  4. Your children are soooo blessed to have such loving parents as you are equally blessed to have them.

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