The 1st Century Church and the NY Times’ Restaurant Critic

I was gobbling down my breakfast as we watched the morning news in the hotel dining room. We were hurrying to check out and resume our road trip.

A thought was floating around in my mind.  While reading in the book of Acts a few minutes earlier, I came across a phrase about the first century Church. Luke (the author of Acts) writes, “they ate their food with a joyful and humble attitude…”  The idea of believers eating together with joy was appealing.  And inviting.  So, what does it look like to eat with joy?

I immediately thought of Ruth Reichl.

ruth reichl 2

During the long hours of driving, Phil and I were listening to Garlic and Sapphires, a book written by New York Times’ restaurant critic Ruth Reichl.  She told great stories about the service and ambience and clientele and politics of New York restaurants.  She gave detailed descriptions of menus, aromas, and presentation.  She extolled the textures and subtle and bold ingredients of each dish.  It was apparent that Ruth ate with joy and delight.

Between Luke and Ruth Reichl, I had an invitation to join the party.

I stopped.  I put down my fork and picked up my glass.  I slowly sipped the tangy, cold pink grapefruit juice. Then I bit into crunchy toasted almonds and tasted the sugary cinnamon filling in the buttery pastry.  I savored the subtle bergamot flavor in the Earl Grey tea.  This was fun.

I smiled because I remembered that flavors and texture and aroma are some of God’s good ideas.  I ate with joy.

grapefruit juice


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