Am I allowed to think it’s funny you got pulled over by the police?

A few days ago I got pulled over by the police.









I was driving to the mall and absent-mindedly ran a red light. I didn’t see him, but the officer was right there at the turning lane. He followed me into the parking lot and at first I thought the flashing lights were from the mall security vehicle. (As he later informed me, only the police are allowed to have flashing red and blue lights.)  Nobody was hurt and I didn’t get a ticket, so the next day I wrote a humorous account of the episode to my children.

Daniel wrote back, “am I allowed to think it’s funny that you got pulled over?”

I guess having your mom get pulled over is kind of like having her drop an expensive crystal vase on the ceramic tile floor. Mostly you’re relieved you’re not the one who did it. And the next time you do break something, you sure hope she remembers we’re all human and we all make mistakes!

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