Thorough pest

Our daughter Katie began meeting with a physical therapist when she was a little girl.  Therapy could be uncomfortable and tedious and one day Katie turned to her therapist and said,  “now I get it…. this is why you’re called a thorough-pest!”

Now, she’s on the other side.


Earlier this week I spent two days in her classroom. Katie is a Speech-Language Pathologist in Milwaukee and designs every minute of class time for language and speech intensive activities for kids who have serious issues in this area.  A walk to the water fountain reinforces listening and following directions.  Danny the Dinosaur helps them practice the letter “D.”  The wafer cookies at snack time are pink because that’s the color of the week.  Each student greets the others as they put on their name tags.  She does individual therapy and evaluations to track progress and pinpoint areas needing growth.  Kids who couldn’t say an intelligible word on their first day of school were now using sentences.


As a three-year old she was the student.  Now she’s the teacher of three-year old kids.  I think there is a certain gratitude and joy that comes from knowing what was hard and painful is what has propelled you into your life’s passion.

And that’s exactly what I saw.  Thank you, Jesus.

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  1. How wonderful, to see how you have allowed the Lord to use you in the lives of these little ones. And…how great for your mom to witness this! I am so happy for you two. Love, Aunt MJ

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