Head count

For years I did a head count.  One…two…three…four…five…six.

Six children, present and accounted for. I did it at airports. When we got in the car. Walking through the mall. Going to the playground. Leaving church. One…two…three…four…five…six.

Over the years as the kids left home, I still did a head count.  Some days in Kenya, I’d think, “Emily in Ohio, check;  Katie in Milwaukee, check; Luke in Souderton, check;  Peter and Melissa in Sudan, check; Noah in Texas, check; Daniel under our roof, check.”  The locations were constantly changing and somehow it was comforting to know where everybody was at that particular moment.

This past week, I was absent-mindedly going through the list, and chuckled, because they were all present and accounted for.  And they were all in the same room.  We had a few wild, glorious and crazy days all together.


This morning, the first day of 2013, I am doing my usual head count.  Luke in Souderton, check; Katie on the road, check; Peter and Melissa in Brooklyn, check; Emily here with us, check; Noah and Onna on the road, check; Daniel on the road, check.

I am so thankful, Lord Jesus, and I am content.

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