Go ahead, make my day!

I stepped out the front door, opened the mailbox, pulled out the now daily presidential campaign flyer and then saw the envelope. The latest Discover bill?   Ho hum.  But it was a letter- to me. Handwritten address, handwritten return address and S.W.A.K. on the back seal.

I sat down on the love seat, tore open the envelope and read the three page letter, handwritten in green ink. This was a rare treat. I read it slowly, savoring the words, chuckling, picturing her description of flying a kite with small children and shelling pecans found in her very own front yard.  I held the letter to my chest and sighed a happy sigh.  And then read it again.

I remember that a couple of months ago I received a clever and amusing handwritten letter from my other daughter which I had read in the exact same way.  I read it slowly.  Held it to my chest. Happy sigh. And read it again.

Doesn’t that just inspire you to hand-write a letter and make somebody’s day?

p.s.  And don’t forget the S.W.A.K.– sealed with a kiss!


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