Enjoy it when you can…

When I got back to the States in July, there were two places I wanted to go. The Emmaus Public Library on East Main St, and a mile down the road to Rita’s Water Ice. If you haven’t had a Rita’s, let me just say I’m sorry.  They are icy cold sweetness.

On October 21,  Phil said, “Today’s the last day Rita’s is open this season. Do you want to go?”  ” What!  Do I want to go?  I’m in America and I can, so yes, I want to go!  Let me put on my sneakers.”  Yes, it was chilly, but this was my last chance in 2012 to enjoy a Rita’s even if I was shivering.

If all goes as planned, when I arrive back in Kenya next July there are two places I’ll want to go.  I’ll walk half a block down Lenana Road and buy a bundle of twenty roses from my friendly flower man, Moses (for about $3) and then around the corner to buy two luscious ripe mangoes from a street vendor.

I learned a long time ago not to ask one side of the world to satisfy all of my cravings. Each side of this world has wonderful things to offer- big and small.  I figure I’ll enjoy them when I can.  I was perfectly content to forgo mangoes for now, and I savored every bite of that water ice.


8 thoughts on “Enjoy it when you can…

  1. Ahhhhh….I wished I knew how much you liked Ritas when you were here…. I just discovered them only two years ago! We were just down the street from one at that store we went to. LOL !! 🙂

  2. I don’t know how to , butglad to know you enjoy those , but ptrsume you’ll get my greeting, with love.deal with facebook

  3. This is such a good reminder, Mom! So true! And even though earth can’t completely satisfy us ever, isn’t it great that God gives us all these little gifts?

  4. Your words made me smile and your picture made me smile even bigger! Glad you’re enjoying some things the States have to offer (at least the east coast).

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