Raft building

A few months before each of our kids graduated from Rift Valley Academy, they participated in a weekend seminar to prepare students for the big transition from Africa to their country of passport.

A clever concept was that of building a “raft” that would carry you to your destination.

R- reconciliation  (make things right BEFORE you go)

A- affirmation (thank others for what they’ve meant to you)

F- farewell (actually say “goodbye”)

T- think destination  (start to think about what is ahead of you)

Not long ago, one of the kids reminded me to build my raft…  don’t let the departure sneak up and suddenly realize I had neglected to said thank you or goodbye.  So, that’s what I’ve  been doing.

In a few minutes I’m going out to lunch with my sweet friend and neighbor Emily. This is one of the final goodbyes in building my raft.  And  I realized that it’s not just saying goodbye.  Today I can also celebrate our friendship!