Airplane fuel 101

After three days in Northern Kenya we prepared for an early morning flight back to Nairobi.  As I said goodbye to my  friends, my mind was swimming with all I had seen and learned.








It was time to leave the beautiful Hurri Hills, but the learning on this adventure wasn’t quite over.  We boarded the plane and headed south to a midway stop.

Our plane touched down in a world of sand, rocks, and acacia trees.  Jonathan (the pilot) taxied to the re-fueling station at the end of the airstrip.

Two dozen barrels of fuel.  That was it.












Several young men approached the plane while Jonathan located a full barrel.  Together they rolled it closer to the plane and poured fuel into a bucket.  After he examined a sample, Jonathan climbed on top of the plane.  Hmmm.












A  man lifted the first bucket, and Jonathan proceeded to pour the fuel- of all places- into the wings of the Cessna 206. The people who gathered  to watch had seen it all before, but  this was a revelation to me!












Oh, the pleaure of one simple discovery.

I have so much to learn….


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