Tough or Mundane?

Have you ever read an article that addressed the exact thing you needed to hear?

Yesterday Phil, Daniel, Emily and I listened to a lecture from a leadership seminar. The speaker was talking about tough calls– those times when God asks you to do something really hard. Challenging, shattering, devastating, thrilling, ten o’clock news sort of things. The speaker asked the audience to offer themselves to God in this broken and hurting world to do something tough. It was very inspiring.

I thought of my definition of a tough assignment from God. For me it would be something like going to a hot remote place living in a hut among people that spoke a tonal language and where I couldn’t get lettuce or cheese and didn’t have internet.

This morning we found the exact thing we needed to hear when Emily read an article to us from Relevant magazine.  Andrew Byer raises the issues of romanticized discipleship and spiritualized escapism.  He writes, ” If we cannot be faithful to do our statistics homework or collaborate with our coworkers, then we may lack the strength of character required for dealing with the meticulous annoyances of a more radical life beyond the romanticized horizon.”

I thought of one of my heroes– my mom. She is in her mid-eighties and her present calling from God is to take care of my dad. To stay at home and do the mundane things of daily life and devote herself to loving him and making his world comfortable and safe and pleasant. Is that less important to God than my scenario in the desert? I am confident she is pleasing God and bringing him glory.

Maybe doing the mundane is a tough calling after all.


3 thoughts on “Tough or Mundane?

  1. I was serving the Lord as a Missionary with the Stonecroft Ministries and living in Kansas City, MO for 25 years. My mother had a heart attack and 4 bypass surgery and I was called home to help my dad take care of her. Home is in Lebanon, PA. The daily routines were really different than what I was used to. Plus I missed my co-workers and friends that I met when living in Kansas City. The Lord helped me to get a job in a J C Penney’s store. I loved helping people in the store. Would always carry invitations in my pocket to the local After-five Women’s Connection and hand them out. Also wrote down prayer requests that the customers would give to me. Am thankful for the way God’s love flowed through me! Within 7 years the Lord took my mother home to Heaven. Their was a time when I never had a close relationship with my dad. But that has changed now as we are taking care of each other. He is 92 years old and I am retired now from working in Retail. It seemed like I needed another new challenge in my life. Am house sitting a puppy, she is a Beagle and her name is Dixie. Have always liked dogs, but our family never had one. I am single and it is kind of fun taking care of Dixie and going for walks as I need the exercise too. This is also an outreach in this home.

  2. I usually find that doing the mundane things is harder than doing the the tough things. Our lives are usually made up of the mundane, yet the Lord wants us to be just as faithful in the little things as in the big.

  3. Please send my regards and thanks to your mom for her service to Dad and to her Savior. Yes, I love the fact that radical obedience looks DIFFERENT for each of us, but carries the SAME commitment of response to God’s love to us!

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