African creeks I have been up

In 1963 Sue Spencer compiled six years of correspondence into a book entitled African Creeks I Have Been Up.  Her husband was in the mining business and she schooled her three sons in the “wilds of Africa”. These are the letters Sue wrote to their two grown daughters in America.  I read the book – for the first time- as we flew to Kenya in 1992. I really liked this lady! She explored her new world with curiosity, humor, and humility and frequently closed her letters with these words:  “I have so much to learn.”

We are in our twentieth year in Kenya and I’m still saying the same thing.

3 thoughts on “African creeks I have been up

  1. My mother and father and I were in Africa with Sue and she gave us a signed copy of her book. My mother has found it and is sending it to me to read. I am looking forward to hearing of her experiences!

  2. That’s why I love living in Africa. I am forever not quite at home and always learning new things about what’s really important, about myself, about Jesus, about how things work here…

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